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hispaval - hispánica de valvulería

Founded in 1985, Hispanica de Valvulería, S.L. inherit the experience of its creators in the manufacture of valves for hydraulic pipes and irrigation systems.

Since its inception, Hispaval has been characterized by the constant concern to offer the customer the best products and best service. Over time it has established itself as a leading company in the domestic manufacture of different types of valves (air, gate or check valves).

One of the fundamental pillars for the consolidation as a manufacturer is the constant evolution and improving of their products with the development of new ones, ensuring in each case the highest manufacturing quality. In addition, to fulfill this premise, since 2001, it was introduced the quality management system ISO9001 (certified by AENOR).

Since its founding, Hispaval has grown confronting the problems posed by different hydraulic systems, and has created a wide range of products capable of controlling two basic elements, water and air.

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  • hispaval - hispánica de valvulería, s.l.
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